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In 2022, at the age of 55, I headed off to attempt four stages of the HexaTrek in France. Hiking the Hexa: Up, Down & (Almost) Over the Hill on France's Newest Long-Distance Walk, self-published on Amazon, is a memoir of taking on this 3034km epic adventure in its pioneer year. It is a frank account of that physical and mental journey. It is an awesome (in the true sense of the word) tale of climbing peaks, finding fondues, making friends, navigating cranky cows and ultimately going the distance in one way or another.  

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the Hexa 
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A woman hiking in the mountains on the Hexatrek

Glimpses of the HexaTrek

A 3034km thru hike in the mountains of France

A woman in front of a tower in the Vosges on the Hexatrek
A very steep mountain path on the Hexatrek
A tent in the hail on a mountain on the Hexatrek

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